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Google+ Tips and Resources

July 8th 2011 by Daxesh Patel

Google+ (Google Plus) has nice intuitive interface and you can have better experience wi...


Google launches Google+ Projects

June 29th 2011 by Daxesh Patel

    The Google+ project: A quick look   The Google+ project: Expl...


Google Infographic – Facts and Figures

March 9th 2011 by Daxesh Patel

The above infographic was compiled by Pingdom  presenting various statistics and fig...


The Real Value of Facebook “Like” Buttons for Your Site

March 7th 2011 by Daxesh Patel

The Facebook like button with over 3 billion served is very popular among 500+ million Fac...


Google Farmer Update penalized content farm to improve search

February 25th 2011 by Daxesh Patel

Google had made some major changes to its algorithm to improve search rankings which may i...