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Google+ (Google Plus) has nice intuitive interface and you can have better experience with few tips and resources which have sprung up in short 1 week after its launch. I am sure this list will be further expanded in coming days and weeks as Google adds more features to Google+ (Google Plus).

Google Plus CheatSheet


Sharing and Tagging

Google+1Add the +1 to your Chrome address bar so you can +1 from anywhere

Extended Share for GooglePlusShare Google+ posts to Twitter/Facebook, etc.

How to Search inside Google+
Add Google+ search to Chrome.
1. Open URL: chrome://settings/searchEngines

2. Add new entry with following values:

(Search in posts)
- Column 1: Google+ Posts
- Column 2: post
- Column 3: {google:baseURL}search? inurl:posts/* %s

(Search for profiles)
- Column 1: Google+ Profiles
- Column 2: profile
- Column 3: {google:baseURL}search?q=%s&tbs=prfl:e



G+ NotifierAdds a Notification count in your browser status bar

Surplus - Google+ Features in your Chrome Toolbar including Notifier and account switcher

  • Post or respond from within the popup
  • Desktop Notifications
  • Notification sounds
  • Switch between multiple Google accounts

Hide the Google+ Notifier countFor when you want to get some other things done in life, and not know Google+ is waiting for you!

How to update your Facebook status via G + without any extension:
1. Access Facebook.
2. Go to
3. Copy your email address unique.
4. Go to page Circles + Google
5. Add the e-mail from Facebook in a new circle (Hint, call the circle of “Facebook update”)
6. When you want to publish something on Facebook, simply add the circle. 

- Photos are not uploaded on Facebook
- There may be a limitation on the amount of characters



Media and Photos

+Photo zoomHover over pictures in your G+ Stream to zoom them to larger size!


Google+ Helper - Tweet and event Translate posts in your streams!

Google+ CSS TricksVarious Optimizations. Read the notes on the Extension page though

Google+ Enhancer –  Add more notifications to the Google StatusBar

Then there is the ones which I don’t think are  full extensions on the marketplace, so use on your own accord.

Google+ Hide SidebarsHide the sidebars to give you more space for content

Google+ Hide Comments – Show/Hide Comments so you can collapse them on long streams
Project -
Install -

Google+ Search : Search within Google+ via Google!
Fork it (github):

* Post or respond from within the pop-up
* Desktop Notifications
* Notification sounds
* Switch between multiple Google accounts
* Can read your browser history because it needs to get the URL of a tab (Privacy) 

Extended Share
* Adds Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook Share Button to each post

Notification Count
* Checks for any unread notifications of your Google Plus every minute, and displays unread notification count on your browser extension toolbar.
* Click to open a tab to read all notifications.

Photo Zoom
* Hovering over photos in stream displays larger version

+Comment Toggle
* hides any comments to posts within your Stream and makes them available on click

Color Bar Changer
* Changes color of Google Plus bar to green, pink or blue

Google+ Custom Stylish Theme
*Subtly changes top navigation colors
*Widens stream with slightly darker background to help it stand out from rest of page
*Other small modifications to add more color to Google+ pages including Profile Page.

* adds Button for Facebook stream display inside of Google+

* adds Button for Twitter stream display inside of Google+
*Shows AdSense Ads
* Has many user rights (e.g. Browser History, List of Extensions)

Plus One (+1) Button
* adds a button to +1 any web page. (+1 pages go to your profile).

+1 Button
* adds a button to +1 any web page. (+1 pages go to your profile).
* similar to Plus One (+1) Button.


Google+ Help

For more tips and guides, please visit the official Google+ help center at

Submit Google+ Feature Requests Here:

Known issues:



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